Chasing Redemption: Bruce Fottler: Book Review

** The book had been sent by the author for an honest review and by no means the review is biased/influenced**

Chasing Redemption


Bruce Fottler

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Reviewing Nerds Book Review- Chasing Redemption by Bruce Fottler 02-24-2018

No of Pages: 374 pages

Publication House: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Date of Publication: September 10, 2012

Genre: Sci-Fi Thriller

Series: NA

Star Rating: 4/5

Should Buy: May Be

Book Source: Library Thing

Summary: (from

A tragic collision. Twelve lives lost. The wreckage of a history-making space vessel lies scattered across the moon’s surface. Captain Ben Wildes, the pioneer of Saturn, and a rising star in the Earth Space Defense force is found negligent after a deeply politicized trial.

A year later, Ben receives a surprising opportunity to redeem his suspended career. He’s provisionally reinstated to investigate the fate of a missing commercial space mining vessel last reported an area that’s perilously close to a sensitive territorial line. The incident requires a careful, firsthand investigation. Corroboration of an attack could easily breach long-standing treaties between two superpowers, which would lead to war.

As the mission unfolds, Ben uncovers shocking secrets with alarming ramifications and quickly learns that chasing redemption is far more perilous than he ever anticipated.


A tale of twists and faith.

Title: Redemption might mean different things to different people. Here it reflects that someone is going to run for it in order to finally be at peace. The title is intriguing and makes me wonder how was the author actually able to pick it from the endless possibilities.

Title Rating: 4/5

Cover: Time and again people say not to judge a book by its cover, but it does play an important role in the overall appeal of the book. The cover beautifully does justice to the outer space journey and makes one wonder what places the author’s imagination is going to take us through the journey.

Cover Rating: 4/5

Characters: Ben: Captain Wildes is the main character who takes this journey to come out of the shadow of his treacherous past. His character begins as a little skeptical and opportunist, in the beginning, considering his previous public failure. As the story progresses he shows a surprising mental strength which would be hard to find in the kind of ordeal he goes through. He shows that he can keep calm even when everything is falling apart and his utmost faith in God is the basis of all his decisions. As a captain, he is compassionate, considerate and still clear-headed even when the stakes are high.

Characters Rating: 4.5/5

Review: The book takes a little mental toll on the reader’s mind during the first 40 pages. I found myself struggling to build an interest in hope of reaching the point of no return (in a positive way). I was literally wondering about the purpose of  the book, as it was a Captain taking a mission as directed by his superiors(I was like that’s what a skipper is trained to do and what’s so thrilling about it?) The moment I went a couple of pages further I was on a roller coaster ride. The moment I digested one of the dangerous highs, the other one came at a blind spot when I was least expecting it and by the end of it, I was struggling for air. The book also enlightened me towards the space terminology and technology which made me envision everything while reading through the pages. The language used in writing the book is above average that makes it a good read for an intellectual mind. Also, the book is set in the year 2107 which gave the author a huge room to play with technology and still keep it believable.

Story Rating: 4/5

Appreciation: The twists throughout the book kept me on the edge and really made me stay awake till 5 A.M. till my eyes reprimanded me. Another important factor in the book was faith in God which is really hard to mix and mingle with a Sci-fi thriller. The surprises kept coming in till the last chapter and made it worth the while.

Let Downs: The beginning was a little hard to maneuver through but I guess the groundwork needed to be laid in order to understand the plot better.

Surprise Factor: The faith in God’s plan and the shocks laid out believably.

Final Verdict: The book drives you crazy once you plunge into the space world with Ben. Make sure you start it on a weekend because otherwise, it is going to sleep depriving experience.

Quotes that made me think:

Why can’t I seem to find the strong faith that I used to have?

Would I be reading more from Bruce Fottler: I am a fan of his thriller and definitely willing to take a plunge in his other works as well.


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