Exile Hunter: Preston Fleming: Book Review

Exile Hunter


Preston Fleming


No of Pages: 435Reviewing Nerds 27th February, 2018 Book Review Preston Fleming Exile Hunter

Publication House: PF Publishing

Date of Publication: April 20th, 2014

Genre: Dystopia

Series: The Kamas Trilogy- Book 3

Should Buy: Maybe (Exile Hunter)

Book Source: Library Thing

Star Rating: 3.5/5

Book Blurb:

Beirut, 2023: When undercover intelligence officer Warren Linder agrees to lure an exiled opponent of the President-for-Life back to impoverished, low-tech, post-Civil War II America, Linder is unaware that the target is his childhood sweetheart’s father. On learning this, he ignores his better instincts and plunges ahead. But a surprise encounter with the woman who rejected him years before triggers a change in Linder that derails the operation. His bosses, suspecting treachery, capture Linder along with the target and his daughter and spirit them back to the U.S. aboard a secret rendition flight. Linder’s ensuing journey takes him from Beirut to a Virginia interrogation center and on to an Arctic labor camp; then, after a nearly impossible winter escape, on a 2000-mile trek to the Utah Security Zone, where his onetime love was last held. Though he finds her, their respective ordeals have changed them. The story reaches a climax in the couple’s hometown of Cleveland, where Linder aims to recover his former target’s last cache of rebel funds and use it to take his loved ones beyond the regime’s reach. EXILE HUNTER is a tragic yet life-affirming saga of a man who risks everything to set right past wrongs, regain lost love and resist the tyranny he once served.

Words That Touched My Heart ❤ 

The phrase “banality of evil” came to mind, bringing into focus how tyranny was not the product of tyrants alone, but also of ordinary people who accepted the premises of state power and obeyed unjust orders with the attitude that their behavior was perfectly normal.

Title: The title makes one wonder what the story might be about. It perfectly suits the story as its a story about a hunter who was sent to exile.

Title Rating: 3.5/5

Cover: The cover shows someone walking in the shadows. The story is about a journey in shadows and aptly depicts the storyline.

Cover Rating: 3.5/5

Characters: Linder is the protagonist of the story and we see everything through his eyes. His struggles, strengths, remorse, intuition, and actions show us how much a human can endure and still survive. His character shows that a person’s ordeals can change him that he becomes an entirely different guy at the end of the story. He is betrayed by the only long-term friend he has and is thrown at a place where there is no escape. He endures more than he could have ever hope in a dystopian America.

Characters Rating:4/5

Review: Nobody could have imagined what an American dystopia could look like but Preston Fleming has shown us a picture which might not be too far. We hear such stories about other countries, feel sad for about a moment and go on with our daily struggles. The author took me on a journey which gave me chills, thinking that there are far worse things out there and we should be thankful for what we have.

The story begins with a guy who so badly wants to go with his hunch but decides not too which puts him in a far away prison. After serving his country for so long he is betrayed and thrown in prison for a crime fabricated against him undermining all his years of service.

The book at some points becomes very slow and you have to force to turn the page but at some places, it’s an engaging experience.

Story Rating: 3.5/5

Appreciation: Author’s attention to detail is amazing and he has been able to put a person’s inner thoughts commendably.

Let Downs: It has its highs and lows but overall it makes it for a good read.

Surprise Factor: There are surprises at the end of every chapter but the display of human mental strength is worth all the praise.

Would I be reading more from Preston Fleming: Well the book certainly impressed me and I might want to read a couple more of them in future.

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  1. I’ve read 40 Days at Kamas and didn’t realize it’s the first of a trilogy. I thought the story was good, but somewhat poorly written, so I’m not sure whether I’ll continue. Thanks for making me aware of the series.

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