The Garrison Project: David J Thirteen: Book Review

The Garrison Project


David J Thirteen


No of Pages: 108Reviewing Nerds 28th February 2018 Book Review David J thirteen The Garrison Project

Publication House: Bad Luck Books

Date of Publication: June 23, 2017

Genre: Fiction

Series: NA

Should Buy: Yes, for Kindle (The Garrison Project)

Book Source: By the author directly

Star Rating: 3.87/5

Book Blurb:

No one knows more about urban legends than Molly Heyworth. She’s been studying them for years, hoping to discover a story at the moment it makes the leap from a real-life event to a macabre folktale. When she comes across the Garrison’s video blog, Molly believes her search is over.

The tapes begin with a young couple fixing up their dream house, but events take an eerie turn when a hidden room is found where no room should exist. After the discovery, their home improvements fade into the background as accidents and family tragedies take center stage.

The videos create an intimate window into the couple’s fracturing relationship and Molly is unable to turn away. The more she watches, the more she sees herself reflected back on the screen. But as she examines every frame and pixel, something is gazing back at her from those captured images of the past — something seeking a new victim to prey upon.

Title: The title is very simple and befitting the story as it is about the Garrison Project.

Title Rating: 4/5

Cover: The cover art is well made with a house in shadows and creates the eerie effect that the writer projects in a story.

Cover Rating: 4/5

Characters: Molly is shown as a different character from the beginning itself. She feels stuck in a place and is looking for a release. In Garrison’s household video she sees a reflection of herself that makes it hard to put away and she begins a search for something. She does not realize that she has walked into a trap until the very last minute.

Characters Rating:3.5/5

Review: The story is a spooky insight into Garrison’s home where we see a couple falling apart from the videos. Molly gets addicted to their life and builds a figment of imagination around each passing episode. Despite warnings and concern from her husband, she is not willing to let go which makes the story an absolute page-turner.

Story Rating: 4/5

Appreciation: The great thing about David’s writing is, he makes the reader hungry for more until the last moment.

Let Downs: My only qualm about the book is, it ended too soon.

Surprise Factor: The end of the book kept me waiting as if there is more. Somehow it left me with a cliffhanger and I think it’s amazing talent to create an end like that.

Would I be reading more from David J Thirteen: I have read and reviewed his last book Mr 8 and will read next one. I am one of his avid followers on Wattpad.

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