Happiness: Jonathon Pantelis: Book Review



Jonathon Pantelis

Happiness by Jonathon Pantelis - 07 March 2018

No of Pages: 87

Date of Publication: November 2017

Genre: Relationship/ Psychological

Series: NA

Should Buy: Maybe

Book Source: Library Thing

Star Rating: 3.8/5

Words That Touched My Heart ❤

Life changing moments are often considered an overdramatic sentiment but they most certainly exist in many people’s lives.

Title: Well the title is something that you won’t see or feel after first few pages.

Title Rating: 3.8/5

Cover: Just looking at the cover you feel it could have been more cheerful but when the story continues even that bit of light seems too much.

Cover Rating: 3.5/5

Characters: Terry: A twin, a neglected son and a drug addict. Terry’s emotions have been described pretty well as he goes through sadness, frustration, anger, and guilt. A boy whose life could have been entirely normal but a tragedy has changed him forever leading to events that were far away from any hope or happiness.

Characters Rating: 4/5

Review: This novella is all about, how a boy and his family’s happiness is shredded into bits and pieces. A tragedy that changed everything. When Terry’s twin sister was kidnapped at the age of five it changed everything for him. He got neglected as a child, he had to change many schools because of his past and he never felt comfortable anywhere. To get away from the reality and this pain he started using drugs.

Many times in the story it felt like things are going to get better but instead, it got worse. Losing his family members one by one and losing his friends too he got into a big mess.

It is not a happy story but it seems to be a real one. You can relate to all those families that have lost a child in an abduction and their lives changed forever.

Story Rating: 4/5

Appreciation: Story was well written and the emotions were well described.

Let Downs: I was hoping for an ending with some happiness and hope.

Surprise Factor: Every time I thought something will pull this boy from the wrong path and he will be okay, but every time he was dragged a bit further into darkness.

Would I be reading more from Jonathan Pantelis: Well, this novella was not something I had expected it to be, but it was well written and I would like to read more from this author.

** The book had been sent by the author for an honest review and by no means, the review is biased/influenced**

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