Lady Marigold Meets Her Match: LL Neal: Book Review

Lady Marigold Meets Her Match


L.L. Neal


No of Pages: 293Reviewing Nerds 9th March, 2018, Book Review Lady Marigold meets her match, LL Neal

Date of Publication: February 23, 2018

Genre: Historical Romance

Series: Yes, Tumbling Green (Book 2)

Should Buy: Maybe (Here)

Book Source: Library Thing

Star Rating: 3.5/5

Book Blurb: The youngest daughter of a set of twins, Lady Marigold Summerhill is determined to have fun at her Season in London. Amused by Mr. Leopold Winston’s desperate attempts to marry for money, she and her sister change places to confuse him and amuse themselves. Unfortunately, while playing their game, Robert Pritchard, the Earl of Camstock, rescues Marigold and proceeds to court her.

While Lady Marigold tries to have her fun, Sir Robert forges ahead with his wedding plans. Will Marigold’s wily ways get her out of the impending wedding, or will she learn to accept his love?

Mix in the usual characters from Tumbling Green and several others for a wild romp through London’s ballrooms and gardens.

Title: It is quite clear from the title what the story is about. I usually prefer some mystery in the title. (But Um, totally my preference)

Title Rating: 3/5

Cover: The cover does reveal some characteristics of our leading lady. (A compliment)

Cover Rating: 3.5/5

Characters: Marigold: She is a strong-willed woman, independent and capable of making her own decisions. She is fragile at times, wants to be taken care of and yet she pulls herself together to manage herself.

Robert: He is an honorable man who always has good intentions but circumstances make him do some uncharacteristic things.

Characters Rating: 3.5/5

Review: The story is about debutante balls, betrothals, and weddings. The story spins around Marigold and her twin sister Lily. They start a journey together and see changes as they go along. The story has twists and turns that you don’t usually see in historical romances. It has an edge of possible realty from those times. If I give any more information that would end up revealing important plot lines.  

Story Rating: 4/5

Appreciation: Story makes for an easy casual read on one of those boring days when you don’t want to read anything heavy and relax in your pajamas.

Let Downs: It was a decent read with no major letdowns.

Surprise Factor: The plot has something different from usual historical storylines which made it more close to reality.

Would I be reading more from L.L. Neal: For sure, there are many days when I can’t sleep at night and want something fun to read. She can be my go-to person 🙂

** The book had been sent by the author for an honest review and by no means the review is biased/influenced**

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