Sweet Sleep: Kim Cormack: Book Review

Sweet Sleep


Kim Cormack


Reviewing Nerds Book Review- Sweet Sleep by Kim Cormack 03-13-2018

No of Pages: 416

Publisher: Mythomedia

Date of Publication: November 23, 2016

Genre: Fantasy, paranormal

Series: Yes, Children of Ankh #1

Should Buy: Yes, Sweet Sleep

Book Source: Library Thing

Star Rating: 4.1/5

Words That Touched My Heart ❤

She attempted to tell him she loved him but he silenced her when his lips met hers in a last desperate attempt to claim a final kiss. A kiss snatched away by destiny.

Title: I would have never guessed what the story is about just by its title. Though it is a right fit.

Title Rating: 4.2/5

Cover: There enough room for more creativity and color combinations.

Cover Rating: 3.5/5

Characters:  Kayn: A girl, a sister, an athlete and a friend. She is portrayed as the unpopular twin who is not a fan of popularity. She loves to run and has a best friend who supports her but is crazy about her twin sister.

Chloe: She is the identical but the popular twin. She knows her talents and loves people going crazy about her. She is caring as well but she kept her distance from everyone.

Kevin: He is friends with Kayn and Chloe since they were 5-year-olds. His character evolves a lot as we move forward with the story.

Characters Rating: 4.5/5

Review: A beautifully written story about twins who were living a normal life till they turned 16. Sweet Sleep is the first book in the Children of Ankh series and has definitely helped me to build this new universe where the story revolves around clans, demons, and mortals with endless possibilities. The correction needs to do when you don’t belong in the mortal world. You will drift away with the story and the surroundings.

Very well written with a talent to put this wild imagination on a paper and let the readers see the same is exceptional. The story has covered many relationships along with the bond of sisters, childhood friendships, romantic relationships and of course the supernatural element.

Story Rating: 4.5/5

Appreciation: Kim has created a whole new universe of supernatural clans, demons, and mortals. And I am blessed to be able to know this universe.

Let Downs: The story moved a bit slow. No doubt the illustrations are detail oriented but sometimes it took a lot of time in just one scene.

Surprise Factor: The book is full of surprises. Some are like in an instant and some you can guess. But overall I was happy.

Would I be reading more from Kim Cormack: Yes, definitely. I would certainly finish the Children of Ankh series first.


** The book had been sent by the author for an honest review and by no means, the review is biased/influenced**


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