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Author Interview

Regina Timothy- Author of Full Circle

You can find our review here: Full Circle


Author Bio04.05.18 - Reg 6 half

Regina lives in a picturesque village in Kenya where she enjoys amazing landscapes, exotic wildlife, and beautiful sunsets and sunrises. She always had active imagination. By chance, she started blogging in 2010, which rekindled her love for writing and telling stories. When not writing she enjoys watching classic movies (she’s a movie buff), going to the theater and auto shows.

1) Tell us more about yourself. Not the usual stuff but give us an insight in your life? What do you do in your free time, do you have kids etc?

My name is Regina and I work in the auto industry full time which I love. This means I only get to indulge in my second passion, writing during my free time – usually in the evenings or on weekends and holidays. I’m a movie buff and I live alone so most evenings you will find me in front of the T.V. watching some T.V. show as I come up with a scene of my latest project – when I can multitask.

Two2) How difficult was it to write about 9/11?

It was very difficult. It was one of the few scenes in the book that were emotional to write. Carrying out the research and writing that particular scene brought about a lot of emotions. I was very conscious of how devastating the 9/11 attacks and it was quite tough.

3) How do you usually tackle the difficult parts? Are personal emotions a driving factor for you?

With Full Circle I wanted to write a story that readers could connect with on an emotional level.

The book contains some difficult scenes that were hard for me to write because of the raw emotion experienced by the characters. When I write, I sometimes get carried away.  If my character is smiling, I smile. If my character is in pain you’ll find me wincing or worse. At times the emotions are too raw and I have to remind myself that I made the characters and the situations up. Occasionally when things are so intense, I take a break from writing to get into the right headspace.

4) Did the publication of your book, bring a change in yourself or your future writing?

Yeah, it gave me the motivation to pursue writing seriously. I have several projects in the works and I must say they are a lot easier to pursue. I seem to know more of what I’m doing. There is also no feeling like having readers walk to you or write you and tell you how much they enjoyed your story.

5) Which is your favorite book?

I have several books and the list keeps growing. Right now, I’m totally in love with Shonda Rhimes’ book A Year of Yes. The book has a honest raw narration that I totally love. Plus the fact that I love all her shows is a bonus.

6) Also tell us about a book that you wanted to end differently?

This is a tough one, but if I was to pick one from my favorite list it would be Jane Austen’s Pride or Prejudice. It would have been nice if all the girls including Mary got a happy ending – I’m a sucker for happy endings.

But that isn’t a good enough reason to change its ending. This is because if you changed anything it simply would not be the story we all love.

7) How much research does it require before you start writing a book?

A lot of research goes in the pre-writing stage of a story. Learning my characters, their likes, dislikes, beliefs etc takes a lot of time and research. When you are writing a contemporary story where the setting and or events covered are set in real life, you need to get all details right hence pay special details which requires a lot more research. Otherwise your story doesn’t sound authentic to readers.

8) Tell us more about your upcoming works?

There are several projects that I’m currently working on. The one closest to completion is a non-fiction self-help book. I’m also working on a book on civil war set in Africa that promises to be very emotional and inspiring.

9) A message for your readers?

I love reading feedback on my work and get excited every time a new comment is posted by a reader who finds the story inspiring. I love connecting with the readers and finding out what they loved about the story, and what stories they would love to read in future. So please read my book, leave a review and connect with me on social media. You’ll have made my day.

You can join her on Twitter at and visit her blog at


Her next book is coming out soon: Watch this space for COVER REVEAL TOMORROW!


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