New Release Alert~ Annie Reynolds

Annie Reynolds_The light Within💥💥



THE LIGHT WITHIN By: Annie Reynolds – Author is now live!! Read for #Free on #KindleUnlimited.

When I left I promised myself that I’d never return. I’d never come back. I’d started a new life away from the vicious little town I’d grown up in.

But then her letter had arrived and it changed everything. With no other choice, I had to go back.

I was forced into facing the past; the very past I had so determinedly escaped from, the same one held my mother’s demons and my first and only ever love, Callum McArthur.

He hadn’t just broken my heart, he’d shattered it, splintering it like a million shards of glass.

He’d turned me away when I needed him the most, the only person I could rely on had pushed me from my safety net just to watch me fall.

A dramatic story of first loves,

murder and above all finding ones

true-self through the darkness.





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