Racing Dirty, L.A.:​ J. Lynn Lombard: 19 June 2018

Racing Dirty, L.A.


J. Lynn Lombard



No of Pages: 327

Genre: Fiction

Series: Yes, Racing Dirty

Book Source: Author Giveaway

Star Rating: 5/5

Book Blurb

When Ashley Force returns back to Los Angeles, there are secrets emerging, threatening her family and her life.

Nolan Ryan just met the woman he’s been searching for. A woman who isn’t afraid of his demons. Now her life is in jeopardy.

Will Nolan make it on time to help Ashley or are they ruined by their own deadly pasts before they even get started?

Deep, dark and deadly secrets that have been buried since the night my parents died are emerging, threatening my sanity and everyone I hold close to my heart. The carefully constructed walls keeping everyone at arm’s length are crumbling and crashing down because of a man who’s battling secrets and demons of his own.

Secrets hidden in my past are making their presence known. They’re taunting the demon lurking inside of me that I fight against every day, making it difficult to help the blond-haired angel that captured my heart the moment our eyes collided.


Wow, I just read this book and it’s so good. Firstly, I was not aware there is a prequel to this book but even tho as soon I started reading the book I was glued to it. Ashley was all innocent and then suddenly she was the leader and the authority level that was given to her is just amazing. The story took some amazing turns and the whole racing thing is just breathtaking.

Not just the racing part but also the love story between Ashley and Nolan is quite steamy. Their relationship grows but they both have some dark secrets from past. I would definitely like to see what happens next in this story.


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