Because Men can get Classy Subscription Boxes too!!

You are sitting on a random day, trying to figure out a present for a guy friend and you decide to Google it. What do you get? All that boring stuff like clothes, gadgets, etc etc etc. You wish he was a girl instead as there are a ton of options for a girl (sadly for you, you have more guy friends than girls 😦 )

Then after hours on the internet and seeing dozens of completely unrelated videos on YouTube (Yes, the YouTube black hole), you stumble upon an ad for some subscription box for guys. You laugh, what could they possibly put in a men’s subscription box? Also (unrelated) why the hell women’s subscription boxes are so expensive? Women’s stuff is way more expensive while they are paid way less (Okay, this might be a topic for another day)

Coming back to the box at hand so I decided to order SPREZZABOX and see for myself what’s the big hullabaloo about it. So as it turns out I was pleasantly surprised with the box at discussion.

So it is completely easy to order and contains a whole bunch of paraphernalia for men. The packaging is classy and the inside is equally neat and presentable. They sent 5 items in the box and a couple of decent discount codes from a couple of online stores. For a 28$ USD box it was pretty good and the content of the box are as follows:

It’s now time to discuss the box in detail. My first impression of the box is it’s neatly packed which makes it a good gift and you can simply get it delivered to the home of the person. It ships from USA to Canada and I didn’t pay any extra shipping fee. I also received it in about 5 days once it was shipped from the states. Now talking about the products in detail now:

So lets start with the tie, I liked the plaid pattern and the quality immensely, and it seems to go really well with plain shirts. The cotton blended socks quality is equally fine and comfortable (not that I have worn them, but did slide a hand in it and Damn!!! It was comfy). I did honestly feel that the wallet and the phone stand were kind of only there to fill in the stipulation of 5 items. Not that they are not that nice but I would feel better with a fourth superior item.

I did seem to enjoy the fragrance of the English Laundry Scent since it is friendly travel size and has nice fruity top notes. They do describe that the phone stand is innovative and not seen before, I got news guys (my friend makes them at work and I have a dozen lying around for my phone, tablet and everything else). The wallet is useful to keep in car for a bunch of extra cards such as subscription, starbucks etc. Overall the box is good and I would get it just for the Tie and Socks. Rest everything I consider as a means of trying things from new brands as a chance to discover better quality items.


Do let us know what you guys think!!! Share your thoughts and questions!!!

After I discovered them online I was also able to get an exclusive online code for our followers to get 10% OFF on all orders (including new subscription). The code is NERDS2019.

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