Book a Virtual Book Blog Tour!!!

YEYYYYYYY! So if you are here it means your book is a living and breathing masterpiece that is ready to fly (or is already FLYING HIGH 🛸)! So it’s time to book your SPA💆 appointments and detox your body from the character hunt, plot planning, to and fro with editors, publishers YADA YADA……..because you have to start again!!!

So while you go and get a massage let us handle the promotions for you!!!!!!

We are here,

So have no fear!!!

Let us spread the word,

To every corner of the world!!!

HAHAHA! Who are we kidding? We are no poets but you got a hint of what we do (Trust me no rhymes in the book tour, UNLESS there are special requests from you 😉). Harry says enough with the jokes already, let’s get down to business since you have more plots to write and we got a lot to read 🙂

So we are not your typical book tour people, but what makes us different?

  • We will sprinkle all our love on your hard-work and make it a mission to get you all the love and more you deserve. 😍
  • We are dedicated 20×7 (We are OWLS 🦉 but seriously guys, 4 hours sleep a day is reasonable)
  • We design your book tour banners ourselves (Honestly, we would love some elves  🧝🧝 who could help us) We go through hours of experimentation before we finally make it.
  • We tweet, Instagram, Facebook and give it all that social media LOVIN…….(Low Voice- Secretly Targetting all people glued to their phones all day)
  • Dedicated tour page on our site (Internet is a dark place once something goes up it stays there FOREVER AND EVER– I might find old selfies of you)

You might want

Spotlight (You and your books both deserve it)

Excerpt (Let’s spill some beans but not all)

Review (Hmmm…….The Best Part)

Interviews (Let’s show people that not only the book but the writer is FAB too)….so expect lots of friend requests (POSSIBLE STALKING)

Much more (Some secrets up our sleeve- Did someone just say SEO….WHAT??)

Hoping that you will give us our new BOOK BOYFRIEND….OR….GIRLFRIEND (Because it’s CANADA 🍁 and we don’t JUDGE 🏳️‍🌈)


So, guys, we do all this, BUT we got to eat too (for the other BUTT). Lets talk numbers:

Packages & 💰

15 Blogs – 280 CAD 

12 Blogs – 200 CAD 

10 Blogs – 180 CAD

7 Blogs – 120 CAD

5 Blogs – 100 CAD

We are now accepting requests for Virtual Book Tours July 2018 onwards. To book and for more details please contact us:



Harry & Sukriti