About Us

Harry Nerdy | Sukriti Nerdy

Hello FAM (we like a huge family so everyone is welcomed here),

Before we talk about us, we would like to tell you what’s here for you guys

—->Awesome BOOK recommendations (We can tell you tips on reading on buses, subway rides, washroom, bedroom ….basically all places without coming in people’s notice)

—->Get you some hot gossip about the authors (Who has a cat? Babies? Husbands/Wives…ahem A Husband/Wife etc etc etc)

—->Reading and Writing Tips (Some from the amateurs- Being US and some from the pros)

—->Amazing BookMarks (Please call them nice, we have spent hours on them)

—–>Host Book Tours for you (Spread out the word, to the World)

—->Get you to participate in our Virtual Book Tours and help you reach a bigger audience.

—->GIVEAWAYS (Should have started with this), Amazon/Netflix/Tim Hortons/Optional Gift Cards

—–>Social media INSPIRATION (You didn’t check out our INSTAGRAM….OMG)

Now it’s time for a HISTORY LESSON:

We (Harry & Sukriti), 25 years old (We’d like to say 16, but who are we kidding).

Harry of the House Reviewing Nerds, the first of her long hair, The Bookmark Designer, Passionate Photographer, Queen of the softwares and reviews, Khaleesi of the Great Social Media, Protector of the Copyrights, Lady Regnant (the first) of the Nerds Kingdoms, Breaker of Softwares and Mother of Bookmarks!

Sukriti of the House Reviewing Nerds, the first of her blog idea, The Reader, Queen of Scheduling, Reviews and Social Media post planning, Khaleesi of Accounts (Spending too), Protector of the Organization(OCD), Lady Regnant (the second) of the Nerds Kingdom, Breaker of Stereotype Blogs and Mother of Jokes!

Well, we can’t wait for Game Of Thrones Last season (2019)!!!!!

Now GO GO, look at the other pages of the blog too ❤

Email Us if you want to talk to us ❤


Harry and Sukriti