Racing Dirty, L.A.:​ J. Lynn Lombard: 19 June 2018

Racing Dirty, L.A. by J. Lynn Lombard   No of Pages: 327 Genre: Fiction Series: Yes, Racing Dirty Book Source: Author Giveaway Star Rating: 5/5 Book Blurb When Ashley Force returns back to Los Angeles, there are secrets emerging, threatening her family and her life. Nolan Ryan just met the woman he's been searching for. [...]

A Slave of Shadows by Naomi Finley

A Slave of the Shadows By Naomi Finley No of Pages: 327 Publication House: Huntson Press Inc. Date of Publication: March 5, 2018 Genre: Fiction Series: Yes, A Slave of the Shadows Book #1 Book Source: HFVBT Star Rating: 4.5/5 Book Blurb: In 1850 Charleston, South Carolina, brutality and cruelty simmer just under the genteel [...]

Little Fires Everywhere: Celeste Ng: Book Review

Little Fires Everywhere By Celeste Ng No of Pages: 338 Publisher: Penguin Press Date of Publication: September 12, 2017 Genre: Fiction Series: NA Should Buy: Yes (Little Fires Everywhere) Book Source: Personal Collection Star Rating: 4.5/5 Words That Touched My Heart ❤ Life Isn’t fair, or Fair doesn’t always mean right. Title: The title has [...]