Lady Marigold Meets Her Match: LL Neal: Book Review

Lady Marigold Meets Her Match By L.L. Neal   No of Pages: 293 Date of Publication: February 23, 2018 Genre: Historical Romance Series: Yes, Tumbling Green (Book 2) Should Buy: Maybe (Here) Book Source: Library Thing Star Rating: 3.5/5 Book Blurb: The youngest daughter of a set of twins, Lady Marigold Summerhill is determined to [...]


Happiness: Jonathon Pantelis: Book Review

Happiness By Jonathon Pantelis No of Pages: 87 Date of Publication: November 2017 Genre: Relationship/ Psychological Series: NA Should Buy: Maybe Book Source: Library Thing Star Rating: 3.8/5 Words That Touched My Heart ❤ Life changing moments are often considered an overdramatic sentiment but they most certainly exist in many people’s lives. Title: Well the [...]

The Garrison Project: David J Thirteen: Book Review

The Garrison Project By David J Thirteen   No of Pages: 108 Publication House: Bad Luck Books Date of Publication: June 23, 2017 Genre: Fiction Series: NA Should Buy: Yes, for Kindle (The Garrison Project) Book Source: By the author directly Star Rating: 3.87/5 Book Blurb: No one knows more about urban legends than Molly [...]

Exile Hunter: Preston Fleming: Book Review

Exile Hunter By Preston Fleming   No of Pages: 435 Publication House: PF Publishing Date of Publication: April 20th, 2014 Genre: Dystopia Series: The Kamas Trilogy- Book 3 Should Buy: Maybe (Exile Hunter) Book Source: Library Thing Star Rating: 3.5/5 Book Blurb: Beirut, 2023: When undercover intelligence officer Warren Linder agrees to lure an exiled [...]

Behind the Books with ERIK STRAKER

Author Interview Erik Straker- Author of Incantations You can find our review here: Incantations Every time you pick a book and start reading you enter a whole new world of imagination. Today we have Mr Erik Straker, author of Incantations who is fan of horror and mystery genre.  He is 38 years old, and lives in [...]